DIY Felt Valentine’s Day Streamers

Felt StreamersValentine’s Day is coming!  I love Valentine’s Day.  I love the candy.  I love the colors. I love the meaning. And I love how you can make it either really complicated… or really sweet and simple. I definitely fall someplace in the middle.

Today I want to share a craft you can do to add a little pop of color and fun to your Valentine’s decorations (if you even HAVE Valentine’s Day decorations).  And if you don’t, then this will be the perfect thing for you.

It’s oh-s0-simple.  All you need are some scissors.  Some cardstock or stiff paper.  Some inexpensive craft felt (four or five different colors- I used white, light pink, bright pink, red, and turquoise).  And a very simple sewing machine with a straight stitch.  I mean, use your child’s sewing machine for this!  Better yet, let your child DO this!

Step 1-

First of all, you need to create your circle templates.  Just find three or four round things- jars, quarters, glasses- anything that would give you three or four distinctly different sized circle shapes.  My biggest is about three inches wide- it was a soup can.  My smallest was a quarter.  Simply trace the circles that you want onto cardstock.  You can always adjust the size of the circle once it’s on paper.  Just cut slightly to the inside or to the outside of your line.  Cut them out and BAM- circle templates.

felt streamersStep 2-

Next, get comfortable in front of your favorite show with your templates, your felt, and your scissors and get cutting.  It takes awhile, but you’ll get into the rhythm.  Be sure to cut lots of each size in every color.  Do a bunch of the smallest circles in all different colors.  Then do the next size.  Then the next.  Until you use up all your felt!  I used two sheets of felt per color, because I wanted these puppies really long.

Step 3- (optional)

Once you have your felt cut out, you may want to lay it out (pictured) to give you an idea of how you want to organize your sizes and colors.  The great part about this project, though, is that in the end, it really doesn’t matter.  The length and the colors work so well that you won’t even notice if you have several of one color or several of one size bunched up.  If you have it close enough to how you think you want it, stack your circles up in piles and head over to your sewing machine.

Step 4-

Finally, set your machine to a simple straight stitch.  Really.  Simple!  Some people use invisible thread for this project, I say why waste your money or your stress on getting invisible thread to work?  I used white and I don’t notice the thread anyways.  Now, sew!

Long StreamerYou will be placing one circle at a time on the machine, so have them close.  It helps to start with a large circle, just so you have a good base.  Stitch all the way across the middle of your circle and stop just before going over the edge.  Slide your next circle up against the first one, press your foot pedal and carefully slide your next circle in place as the big one is moving away from the foot.  Does that make sense?  Don’t overlap them, just sew them right next to each other in a long chain.  If you accidentally have a stitch or two in between the two circles, that’s ok.  It will hold.

Streamer FunDo this continually for all of your circles, making sure to alternate colors and sizes in random order.


In the end, you’ll have a beautiful, DIY streamer that can be used and reused for any fun, festive occasion!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Felt Valentine’s Day Streamers

    • Thank you Deidra! I love pulling them out every Valentine’s Day… and for my girl’s birthdays. And any other reason I can find. 🙂 They are just so bright and happy!

    • Thank you! We really love them, although my little girl was using them as “decorations” for our tea party last night and I thought she was going to pull them to pieces. But alas, they endured. If they can withstand a toddler party, they’ll last forever! 🙂

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