Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

AbsenceIt’s true.  I went MIA over the past week.  I wish I could say it’s because my husband and I stole away on a romantic, kidless, long-weekend.  But actually, it’s just because I was crazy busy all day Friday taking care of other peoples’ kids (so they could go out) and then we spent the weekend at my Mother-in-Law’s.

We call it our vacation home.

When we house-sit for them we are JUST far enough away from our own home that we can’t just run home to get something we forgot (like my computer… or the Pickle’s toothbrush) but we are close enough to still be part of our social sphere- we went to church, I grabbed takeout.  But mostly, we just sit around.  The Pickle has a whole house full of “new” toys to play with.  There are multiple TVs in their house (unlike ours) so we can all watch anything we want at any time!! WHoa!  And we don’t pay near as close attention to the time.  We nap.  We sleep in.  We go to bed late.

A little getaway.

Unfortunately, we also don’t blog.  Or post on FB.  Or respond to email.

But a weekend of that every now and then never hurt anyone.

It’s also nice because I had some time to think about our next major life project: moving!  For the next four weeks I will be painting, packing, and preparing our “new” house for our big move in March.  So while a weekend hiatus from blogging just happened, it’s likely that a whole month of distraction will keep me away.  But never fear.

This move has inspired me more than I ever imagined!

Not only am I moving into a slightly bigger home, I’m also moving into a home that hopefully will embody everything that this blog is about!  Rediscovering the joys and simplicity of yesterday.

Our “new” home sits on 3 acres of nothing but grass.  So my girl can finally run and play outside!

Our “new” home was built in the forties and boasts one single poorly lit bathroom.  Two closets.  Four tiny bedrooms.  Yellow formica countertops.  No dishwasher.

And infinite possibilities!

Retro KitchenNot only that, I have been spending some quality time on this website getting in touch with my 40’s and 50’s self.  Daydreaming of what my new, bright kitchen is going to look like when I’m done with it.  (don’t worry… it won’t involve pink, but I do have a pretty incredibly aqua blue Valspar sample sitting in my car!)  And wondering how I’m going to make curtains for all the amazing windows in this place.

All of that to say… I’ll be busy this next month.  Not to mention that the Pickle turns THREE in March!

So if you don’t see me here, know that I am well and I am living the lovely simple life that I’ve always dreamed of! (I’ll try to take pictures)


One thought on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  1. Yay! Three acres!!!!! I miss my double-lot-on-the-corner in Mayetta! Hopefully we’ll be able to acquire some more outdoor space pretty soon! Congrats!

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