Sunday Dinner

Blog LoveNow that it’s the end of February, I thought I would finally get back to sharing the blog love… and I confess, this might run over into March.  I had big plans!  And then crazy life happened.  But alas, I am so excited to introduce my friend Laura to you!  She is a mom of two who blogs at “My Thoughts- Uninterrupted” about life, motherhood, family, and DIY.  Today as she shares about her own Yesterday, she reminds me of one of the most beautiful values that my own Grandparents shared: time with family.  So enjoy, remember your own Sunday Dinners growing up, and when you’re finished, head on over to “My Thoughts-Uninterrupted” to Share the Love!


When Jenny asked me to write something for her “Share the Love” series I wasn’t so sure what I was going to write about. Growing up, there was always one place that truly felt like home, where I always felt free to be myself, and that was at my Grandmothers. She believed in family time and saw to it that our whole family (all 30 plus of us) got together every Sunday. We would go my grandparent’s house after church where she would have lunch for all of us and spend a few hours together. It was always noisy with lots of talk and varieties of laughter. 

One of my fondest memories will always be sitting at the dining room table listening to my aunts and uncles swapping stories about my Grandfather. If I close my eyes I can still hear the ice in the sweet tea glasses tinkling now and the comforting hum of all the chatter of multiple stories being swapped around the table.

Those moments shaped the dreams of what my own family would look like. The harsh thing about time is the change that comes with it. My grandmother passed away not long after my 25th birthday. She was 93. With her, the weekly Sunday dinners died as well. A time that will never return except in my mind. We get together now for holidays like most other families and while the bonds still remain strong, it certainly isn’t the same. We’ve grown and spread out. Families have expanded and the sheer number of us is a challenge to take on for anything more than holiday get togethers.

I hope I can instill the importance of family togetherness in my own children. I hope we have story upon story to swap at the dining room table. I hope my home is a comfortable place for them to gather and be themselves. 

Love comes in all forms, but I want my family’s love to be one that accepts each other for warts and all. I want them to have a strong, unbreakable bond that can stay together in times of trouble and rejoice together in times of each other’s joy. 

Laura writes at My Thoughts – Uninterrupted. While she attempts to live a Martha Stewart type of life, she finds herself living in a house with sticky floors, mountains of laundry and a craft closet full of half completed projects. Come laugh through the chaos with her on bloglovin, instagram and facebook
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2 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner

  1. I am new, following you here, Jenny, & I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing Laura’s blog with us; I am not sure I would have found it otherwise. . . And, this particular post strikes a certain chord for me, personally. Thank you again.

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