The Treasure of the Village

Knoxville_Contributor_BTNMy child is almost three.  And there’s a lot going on in her little head.  She’s growing and changing every day.  She’s learning new vocabulary, experiencing her world every second, and somewhere just around the corner she will step onto a school bus.

I am 32. I am a mom.  And a wife.  And a teacher.  And a friend.  And a daughter.  I clean, I cook, I launder, I find things, I answer questions.  I give baths, read stories, change clothes, take trash, fill gas, buy groceries, plan meals, save money.  I sew, write, paint, read, and occasionally I sleep.

I confess, there are probably things that slip through the cracks of my life.  But I know without a doubt that every other second an opportunity to teach my child slips through as well.  She’s a little sponge right now, and if I wanted to (or had the time and energy to) I could sit with her all day long and never exhaust her capacity to take in information.

And that overwhelms me.

Because I can’t do it all.

I can’t teach her everything.

I’m going to miss opportunities all the time.

Which is why I am SO thankful that I’m not alone in this parenting thing.

At the Knoxville Mom’s Blog today I’m sharing the treasure that I find in the village around us- whether in our family, our community, our church, or our schools.  I absolutely cannot be ALL things to my child, but I am blessed to have other adults in her life who can help me pick up the pieces.

How have you (and your children) been blessed by your village?


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