I Love You, but…

I love you, but...Several weeks ago, the P and I tried out a free ballet and music class at a local studio.  I was excited.  I’d heard wonderful things about this place and was eager to test out the Pickle’s interests.  Her little cousin, HJ, is an avid dancer.  HJ’s older sister lives and breathes dance, so naturally, her two-year-old self can’t resist being just like her sissy.  P, on the other hand?  Sometimes she just wants to see how the CD player works.

But you never know until you try, right?

So we went.  She was excited!  She even woke up that morning talking about it.

When we got there, however, things did not go exactly as I had pictured.

To put it plainly…




Knoxville_Contributor_BTNBut that morning, I learned some very important lessons both about my child, and myself.

Go read about our wonderful/awful experience at the Knoxville Mom’s Blog today and tell me if you’ve ever felt this way about your child.

Your unique, impossible, wonderful, horrible child.


2 thoughts on “I Love You, but…

  1. I just clicked over and read the full post. It was so beautiful!! I have definitely been in that place a time or two, with sometimes both my toddlers at the same time. How you expressed a mother’s heart so perfectly though!

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