Kitchen Makeover: Inspiration

Change is inevitable.

Sometimes it comes in slow, gentle waves.  And other times it hits suddenly with the weight of a hurricane that blows through your life and leaves it forever transformed.

I’m not sure what I would call our move.  Unexpected.  Exciting.  Exhausting.  Expensive.

Whatever it was, I recall spending hours deep in thought.  Carefully mapping out my vision for our new home.  And yes… it was a home.  A four-bedroom, 1940’s-built house with one bathroom, no closets, and a kitchen that desperately needed some TLC if I was going to spend the next few years washing dishes in it…

By hand.

So, as with any renovation it began with a little inspiration.  Even before we knew we were moving, I was ready to add a pop of color to my kitchen… and this is where I was headed:  (see all photos, links & more on my Pinterest board)Color Inspiration Fun, right?  After I found the colors that I loved, I began hunting down kitchens that managed to beautifully incorporated them:Kitchen Inspiration I was surprised to find myself drifting back into the crazy pastel appliances and metal cabinetry of the 50’s and 60’s.  But alas, there I was.  Oogling over blue stoves and pink refrigerators.

Then came a little real-life inspiration.  Capturing walls of colorful mirrors at Hobby Lobby, falling in love with a red sewing table at an antique sale, and jumping on some adorable vintage metal drawers on a friend’s online yard sale post. Real Life Inspirations Even before we had paint on the walls, I knew where this was going.

And it was going to be gorgeous.


How do you get inspired?  When thinking of changing a room, do you try to play it safe or do you dive right in to colors, patterns and styles that really catch your eye (and your imagination)?

Oh… and don’t worry.  I did sneak in a little off-color personality…





Click HERE to see the next steps we took as we prepared for transformation!


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