Kitchen Makeover: Preparation

I don’t know about you, but about 75% of my project planning happens in my head.

The other 25% is spent getting ideas or deciding on final touches… either at Lowe’s, on Pinterest, or who knows where.

So it makes sense that my husband (and others) might think I’m procrastinating… when in fact, I’ve been stewing over things in my head for days, or weeks, or even months.  Getting things placed just right.  Making decisions.  Eliminating options.

It’s true that most of my preparation for a project goes unseen.

Which I guess is why it’s SO exciting when the rubber hits the road and I get to start putting things down on paper, if you will.

When we got to the point in February where I could get into the house and get to work, it was really a thrilling day. (aka. I paid our deposit and got the key!)

We had been in there once before, and all I had to go on were pictures.  This one, in particular:Kitchen_BEFOREThere she is!  My wooden, mismatched appliances, covered-soffit, mustard-colored counter-top kitchen.  And yes… that is ALL the cabinet and drawer space we have.  Even our apartment had more.

Now, keep in mind.  This is a rental.  And normally you wouldn’t be allowed to do much to the kitchen in a rental, but our landlady assured me SEVERAL times that after we moved out she was going to redo the cabinets.  Every time I spoke to her she reiterated that I could do whatever I wanted to the cabinets.  Whatever. I. Wanted.

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I hoped that in the end she would thank me!

So, naturally, the first thing to go was the eyesore waste of good storage space on top.  The soffit:Soffit RemovalOn a cold winter day, the P and I went in there all huddled in our sweatshirts (we weren’t paying rent yet, so I didn’t want to turn on the heat) and I carefully ripped down the old, spidery wood while she ran at full speed through the empty house.  Fun!

While there, we also painstakingly unscrewed every cabinet door and all of the hardware in preparation for my sisinlaw to come help me paint.Cabinet RemovalWhen I wasn’t at the house, I was walking up and down the aisles at Lowe’s trying desperately to figure out how I was going to create more functional space in this place.

And I was picking out our incredible BLUE wall-color.  This is the swatch I painted and sent to my sisinlaw:Paint SwatchesWe went with the one on the right.Blue

After finishing all I could do alone, we waited until the weekend when my sisinlaw could come.PrimingAfter the primer was on, we began to get a glimpse of how bright and poppy this renovation was really going to be.

And the fun was just beginning!


What’s your favorite part of a project: The inspiration?  The brainstorming?  The planning?  The preparation?  Or seeing it all complete!


Click here for the FINISHED PRODUCT!



5 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover: Preparation

  1. We are so much alike in this. I’ve been brewing and stewing over our backyard for 3 summers now, and it’s finally starting to come together. 🙂 Love that paint color. It matches one of my fiesta ware colors. 😉

  2. I know exactly what you mean about a project! I “build” things at least a dozen times in my head before I ever cut out a piece of leather!
    On a side note, I’m not sure if you’ve thought anything about a backsplash, but I have zero doubt that with your creativity, you could easily pull off something like a painted backsplash. Plus it’s way cheaper, especially for a rental.
    They’ve done DOZENS of them! (I wish the tutorial had images of all the designs and color schemes that they’ve done.) Here’s another 6 designs in this blog entry.
    This album on FB has several, but they aren’t all together like I was looking for.
    I’m interested in hearing what you think.
    If you aren’t familiar with this blog, you seriously ought to check it out as there are boatloads of cool things that I can see you doing. Even if you don’t check them all out, you need to look at how they fixed up a ‘big girl’ room for the twins. 🙂

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