Kitchen Makeover: Transformation

Now, where were we?  Planned, prepped, primed… and now painted!

Blue WallFirst things first.  We just HAD to see what that blue was going to look like on that wall.  Can I just say it was a million times more beautiful than we could have ever imagined?  And it made my mustard countertops actually kind of inviting?  I loved the kitchen already, and we hadn’t even started painting the cabinets!

Annie SloanMy crafty Sisinlaw recommended only the best (and offered to let me “borrow” hers… whoa!).  So for the cabinets, off we went with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  Two coats of paint and a couple coats of wax later… did I mention we took an entire day to do this one room?

Painted KitchenAnd it was so worth it.

My Earthfare bag matched pretty splendidly, too.

Don’t worry… we did finish all the cabinets, except for those upper ones, which we left as open shelves.  That’s just fun (and forces me to keep them somewhat organized.)  Did I mention that I cried?  You can’t see it now, but I added some floral yellow shelf paper on those open shelves… and I promise I teared up a little.

There’s something very emotional about turning a house into a home.  A home filled with your own life and personality.  But I digress…

The old brass hardware was then given a soak, a good scrub, and a coat of Rustoleum Black Matte-finish Spray Paint.  Then the cabinets and hardware were returned to position. Pots and PansWhile the whole room cost maybe $60 bucks if you figure in the half (yes… HALF) a quart of Annie Sloan that we used and a teeny bit of wax along with a can of beautiful blue paint, I did break down and buy a couple of accent pieces to bring the whole thing together.

The red sewing table (previous photo) was a $20 steal.  The red stool was $15.  Both yard sale finds.  A cherry red and white striped rug from IKEA put me out a mere $16 bucks.  And I think I bought an $8 red clock at Target.

My grandma’s white and yellow gingham curtains (which were part of my original color inspiration) found a home here, along with all the brightly colored accent pieces I could gather: Orange-handled pans hung on the wall.  Mustard yellow vintage loaf pans from my Mother in Law.  My big red Betty Crocker Cookbook.  A green glass piece that my Grandma had given a family friend, who then passed it back to me.  Along with all of my beloved red décor from the apartment kitchen.


I. Love. My Kitchen.

It’s nearly impossible to keep clean and tidy, what with being a stay at home mom and all.  And with a child who likes to get out her own dishes and “help” with all the baking.  But regardless of my heaping piles of dishes, my cluttered countertop, and my unswept floors, we’re making a million memories in a sea of blue and red and happy.

And this beloved renovation will always be one of my favorites.


What is your most favorite renovation?


Read up on the Inspiration & the Preparation for our Kitchen Reno here!


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