The Pregnancy Files

So, I have a good reason for not blogging lately.  I’m pregnant.

And I’ve been pregnant… for 26 weeks now.

Just a very quiet pregnant.

The Pregnancy Files

The first three months were killer.  Really.

We were moving.  We were adjusting to our ‘news’.  We had family in town.  And I was pretty much horizontal for three months. (I might be exaggerating)

After those three months, though, things got better… I just didn’t ever get back to blogging but about once a month.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing, though!  And documenting various thoughts about being pregnant with our second miracle.

So since I’m now entering a very big, somewhat uncomfortable third trimester, perhaps now’s the time to start sitting a little more.  Procrastinating a little less.  And sharing our miracle with anyone who cares to read it.

Here’s to the third trimester, and hoping that my experience, thoughts, and pregnancy prayers can encourage other women!



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