And Then There Were Two

And then there were two

It’s been a wild ride these last few months.  Wild and wonderful.  But have I ever mentioned just how much I miss writing?  How I hate when an idea comes into my head and because of life I just can’t ever get it down ‘on paper’ and then it’s gone?  It happens all the time.

If I could write everything that I wanted.  If I had the time and the peace.  There would be a thousand posts a week.  And my life would be divulged to the world because there is just so. much. to share.

But I don’t.  And I can’t.  And there are babies and dishes and laundry and work and basic needs that must be met first.  And by the end of the day, writing gets lost.  Sadly.

Knoxville_Contributor_BTNBut maybe someday.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to do it again.  Bare my soul.  Fill these pages.  Because to write is to breathe.  And sometimes I feel as though I’m suffocating.

Thanks to the Knoxville Mom’s Blog I have a deadline once or twice a month and I get my wiggles out.  (and of course forget to share them here)  So in the name of writing and breathing and living, here is our welcome baby post from Christmas.  Back when the fog of newness was finally beginning to clear!


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