What Really Matters

Happy New Today

While my life with two has not made it onto these pages as much as I had hoped they would, I have been privileged to share a few fleeting thoughts now and then on the Knoxville Mom’s Blog!  This post was from New Year’s Day.

I’ll be honest, Christmas was a bomb this year.  As was New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.  It’s as if my brain is only wired enough to get through daily life.  The special moments and Pinterest-worthy life has escaped me for this season and I constantly have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter.

Knoxville_Contributor_BTNMy little girl doesn’t remember that Baby Brother screamed all through Christmas Eve and we almost didn’t get to watch her open her presents.  She doesn’t even care that I failed to do a New Year’s countdown with her (or that Daddy and I were both in bed well before midnight).  And even though I completely forgot to hang up decorations, set the table, and make cherry turnovers for Valentine’s Day… my favorite tradition.  Instead I just ran upstairs while she was playing a game and grabbed a Hello Kitty gift bag to throw her My Little Pony in with a box of heart-shaped chocolates.  It doesn’t matter.  There will be time for all of that another day.  In another season.

But for now, I’m trying to breathe and remember that this is all that really matters.


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