Baby E’s Nursery

His Name

I guess now that six months have rolled by.  Now that we have made this little man a part of our forever.  Now that we’re beyond the days of infant reflux, begging for smiles, and long daytime naps.

I might as well share his nursery.

Keep in mind that themed baby nurseries with matching bedding, curtains, changing table, wall decals, bumpers, rug, artwork, lamps, etc… give me hives.  It looks awesome in your baby’s nursery!  But I don’t want it in mine.  So if you’re hunting ideas to anti-theme your baby’s room, you’ve come to the right place.  I want a room my boy can grow into.

We’ll start with the inspiration chair and curtains (aka. Items I reused from sister’s room).  I knew the color palette would start there and spiral onward to wonderful boy-ish things.  So I added a pillow to make it all his.

Inspiration ChairOnce I was sure I wanted red, blue and green, things got really fun!

E Pillow

The Sweet Pickle and I painted this toy box one day for him. She painted in bright red ALL over the back!  But the front was kept simple and classic.

Toy Box

The incredible mobile was made and gifted to me by some girls on the Knoxville Moms Blog team.  I am completely in love with it!  It is so simple and colorful and you should totally get your own from my friend Laura’s appropriately titled etsy shop- Pop of Happy!

Changing Table

I knew I wanted some custom artwork in here… but what?  Then I found this quote that embodied so much of what I would dream of for a child.  Had a little fun getting the fonts just right.  And painted away! C.S. Lewis QuoteOriginally the artwork was supposed to go over his bed, but a sweet friend found this adorable canopy at IKEA and completed the whole room!

Naturally, I fell in love with that minky-dot blanket at Target.  And I recycled The Pickle’s mobile by cutting off the pink flowers and adding some colorful handmade balls!  The sheet and bedskirt were from The Pickle’s room, too.  Can you tell I don’t like to waste anything?


This bookshelf ended up being one of my favorite spots in the room.  I wanted a whimsical vintage experience in here… if that’s even a thing.  And I had these two canvases leftover from previous projects. So I created some cute, nostalgic images. Buying the “E” was a big step of faith on my part.  A commitment to using my late Grandpa’s name, even though I was wavering up until the day Baby E was born!  The paper airplane fit the vintage feel while also expressing our love of flying and adventure (my dad was a pilot).  The football is a shared love in our home and a sport that my Grandpa played in his youth… plus the boy just needed a football somewhere.  And then there is the shelf.Bookshelf

FYI… if you want to add a pop of color to a room without buying colored furniture, just buy a cheap bookshelf at Target and paint the cardboard backing! (flip it over to the non-slick side…. the paint will stick better)

The whimsical vintage look (and tribute, if you will) was completed using letter blocks, a vintage skateboard, a wooden toy that was my husband’s, and a classic tin top. (uh.. Cracker Barrel)

His Name

And finally, the cherry on top of the sundae, if you will, is a bright red rug crocheted by the amazing Alison at Heart and Sole!  I think he likes it.


So there it is!  A sweet, bright little room fit for a boy.


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