Sometimes I Regret Having Children 

Shared my heart on the Knoxville Moms Blog today.

It’s been a rough year. So much pain and suffering in the world, so much darkness, so much sadness. And sometimes I just can’t even turn on the news.

And then I look at my children. And the knowledge that they will grow up in this world, quite possibly an even darker version of this world than even we have known, is too much to bear. BUT…

But I put my hope in Christ. And I know this world was never meant to be our home and there is no peace and no light apart from Him. And I look at these precious little ones who I would give my life for…

and I am so thankful that He already has.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Regret Having Children 

  1. Commenting on the picture in your post that I received by email. I’m just noticing how beautiful the picture of you and your children are. It reminds me of when my children were that young. I could hold and hug them when I wanted. Their love for me was so big. Even now, their love for me is noticeably big. Sometimes I feel bad when I think that they are saying something just to boss me around, because I find out that that’s not what they are doing. They are really sincere and want to help by speaking up and telling me things. This world sure is rough and hard. But it also is filled with families that love each other and families that learn to love others. God has blessed you with two beautiful children. I remember your posts from a few years ago when you said a few things about finding your husband and being newly married. Now you have children. You have a lot to be thankful for. May God be near you and show you His love and be your guide and strength.

    • Thank you, Linda! We are truly blessed. In the middle of motherhood it’s a bit overwhelming, but when I step back for a moment I know this time I so precious and so fleeting. Trying to cherish it when I can! (and write it all down)

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