Eldon’s First Birthday Party

It’s true. Just a few posts back I was showing his nursery. Now I’m showing his first birthday. That, my friends, is just kind of how this first year has gone.

I blinked.Birthday BoyFYI. I went full Pinterest on this party. Not because I had to. Not because he’ll remember it. Not because I’m trying to one-up anyone. I just really really love to do creative and fun things! And since parties only come around once or twice a year (and since this little guy still isn’t demanding that he have a pink and rainbow and yellow cake with sparkly ribbons and princess wrapping paper at the bounce house and the pumpkin patch and the swimming pool all at the same time… ahem!) I took FULL advantage of the opportunity to create.

And it was so much fun!

So enter Baby E’s super Outer Space, Three-Two-ONE Blast-Off!, First Birthday Party!Food | Rediscovering YesterdayIt was fun to browse Pinterest and see (read: steal) everyone’s great ideas! The Stars and Planets with Ritz crackers and star-cutout cheese was one of my personal favorites.

Saturn's Rings | Rediscovering YesterdayFruit Loops for “Saturn’s Rings”

Moon Pies... Get it? | Rediscovering YesterdayThe “Moon Pies” were a last minute addition that I just thought were too cute. And, since we’re in the South, it made sense. Plus, they’re minis… so.

Shooting Stars Rice Krispy Treats | Rediscovering YesterdayThe rice krispy treat “Shooting Stars” were not only yummy, but really made a statement. I used yellow food coloring in the marshmallow to make them look like stars and I punched them down into a foil-wrapped floral ring. Too easy!

Little Dippers | Rediscovering YesterdayThe “Little Dippers” may have been the most popular item at the party! Little cups of ranch dressing with veggies poking out. The extra veggies were on the side for anyone who didn’t want dip (or who needed to finish off their dip).  Loved this simple idea!

Astronaut Photo Booth | Rediscovering YesterdayAnd the photo booth? Well… I took this one right out of a page of someone else’s book. It was super easy and turned out so cute for those who did it! Dollar Tree had foam core for a dollar and I was able to cut out BOTH of these helmets from one piece.

IMG_6571Okay. I did have ONE original idea. And that was calling the gift table “Eldon’s Cargo Hold”.

Painting Moon Rocks | Rediscovering YesterdayOur party favors were crafts that everyone could take home. We colored rockets that flew (I think we taped them right). We had dashboards to color. Tiny planet bouncy balls to pick up. But the favorite was probably the “Moon Rock” painting. My girl was DYING to get her hands on that sparkly paint all week!

Overall the party was a hit. I didn’t get a picture of EVERYTHING, unfortunately. As usual, the pictures make it look like I had this thing all together. But I didn’t. HA!

We were throwing things into place as the guests were arriving. I literally frosted the cupcakes five minutes before the party started AND threw his little cake together. I ran home to change ten minutes AFTER the scheduled party start. And (shhh…) I didn’t shower.

That’s just the reality of it.

But I did make the printables myself. And we did have fun. And I am in love with my little one-year-old. So in the end, that’s all the really matters!Happy Birthday BoySNACK TITLES:

“Shooting Stars”– Rice krispy stars
“Moon Pies”– mini moon pies
“Space Shapes”– Space Shapes goldfish (available at Target)
“Little Dippers”– Veggies & Dip
“Rocket Fuel”– water & juice boxes
“Saturn’s Rings”– Fruit Loops
“Meteors & Asteroids”– Fruit
“Stars & Planets”– ritz crackers and star cheese
“Pretzel Rockets”– white chocolate covered pretzels rods


Grab a Tiny Planet
Paint a Moon Rock
Make a Rocket
Color Your Cockpit


My Pinterest Board
Printables- My design, printed at Staples! (They do good work)
Tablecloths, Paper Products, Sparkly Paint, Candles- Dollar Tree
Paper Straws- Target & Party City

And in case you wanted to try this out for yourself, here is a free PDF for the food tags, the game/activities signs, and the “thank you” stickers we used on the party gift bags. Enjoy!



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