I’m Jealous…

Why I hate FBI’m writing a post.  I know.  It’s heretical.  I can’t just disappear for 9 months and come back with no explanation.  But alas… here I am.  Because I just HAVE to say this.

I’m sick of Facebook.

There.  I said it.

I love Facebook for so many reasons.  I can keep in contact with my family, I can communicate and plan with my playgroup, I can share adorable pictures of my child with people who don’t get to see her as much as I do, I can spy on strangers (and friends).  Facebook is wonderful, but… I’m sick of it.

For all the good it does me, it also does me a world of bad.

Today I popped on for the millionth time and there was a picture my sisinlaw posted called “walking.”  That’s it.  It was the view from the top of her neighborhood during her walk.  No smiling baby.  No new gash in my nephew’s knee.  No dance competition.


This is what I saw.

And this is what I thought:

Ugh… I should be walking. 

She has three kids and she can find time to walk, I should be walking.  I complain about my hills, but look.  She has hills.  If she can walk, I can walk.  I’m such a slacker.  Making excuses.  Never doing anything good for my body. She’s gonna be so ready for the beach and I’m gonna look more ‘beached.’  I’ll bet her little girl loves to go on walks with her and ride in the wagon.  Poor Pickle hasn’t been on a ride in her jogging stroller in I don’t even know how long.  It’s just collecting dust in the closet with a flat tire.  Dang, I’m such a horrible mom.  How does my husband live with me?  How is my kid even alive?  I hate that I’m not walking.  I hate that I don’t ever walk anymore.  I hate that my sisinlaw is walking and I’m not. ……..

No.  I hate Facebook.  Lying, stinking, cheating, jealous Facebook.

Because the TRUTH is, I took my Sweet Pickle outside for two hours today.

  • We played with the neighbor’s cat.
  • We drew with chalk.
  • I helped her push the pedals on the neighbor girl’s bike.
  • We got the mail.
  • She dropped her bagel on the ground and I let her go ahead and eat it.
  • I took her slide out and let her entertain herself for 15 minutes while I vacuumed the car. (she even went down headfirst when I wasn’t paying close attention… thriller!)
  • We painted rocks to put in our garden.
  • I talked to the neighbor.

Nope… I didn’t walk today.  Or yesterday.  And I probably won’t walk tomorrow.

But despite Facebook’s daily attempts to discourage me, my life is not wasted.  My life is really quite full.  And quite blessed.  And frankly, when I sit in the cool shade of our front step and watch my little girl giggle at the bees and lean her head down to rub against the cat, there isn’t a single other person’s life I’d rather be living.

So take that, Facebook!