Tried and Tuesday: Our DIY Play Kitchen Experience

Our DIY Play Kitchen ExperienceHave you been on Pinterest?

Have you seen the adorableness out there?

Have you been intoxicated by the pinnings of people with WAY more time on their hands, WAY more space available to them, and WAY more resources at their disposal?

Of course you have.  That’s why we PIN, right?  We don’t actually DO These things…

or do we?

The Pickle turned two in March.  So for her two-year birthday, I wanted her big gift from Mommy and Daddy to be a play kitchen.  With all the plastic food and cardboard cereal boxes.  With an oven that opens and closes and a sink that really turns.

What I did NOT want was a storebought kitchen.

Not after I saw the Pinspirations, anyways!

No, I’m the type of person who sees something and thinks, “I can do that.”

Even if I can’t.

Even if I don’t have the time. Or the money.  Or the tools.  Or the space.

I can do that.

Why buy one when… I can do that!

So, as you can see.  I did it.  And it was quite an adventure. Continue reading


Tried and Tuesday: The Big Purge of 2013


Who needs toys when you can drum on the wall with chopsticks.. and on the table. And on your cup. And on Mommy’s paint bottles. And…

When the Pickle was born, my husband and I had a few critical values that we agreed we would work very hard to instill in her from day one.

One, of course, is our faith.  We believe that God has an amazing plan for this little one’s life, and we believe she was given to us by God to care for and guide in His ways so that she can one day live out His plan faithfully.  That’s the big one.

But if learning to love God isn’t hard enough, we also want her to learn to love and serve other people.  To be respectful.  To be genuinely humble and giving.  To realize that the world is not all about her.  Wish us luck.  Loving God is easy.  Not loving yourself is the hard part! Continue reading