Craft Fair Preparation Series: Part III- Preparing Your Booth

Preparing for a Craft Fair Series

Craft Fair Preparation Series- Part 3: Preparing Your Booth. While a great product and a bunch of friends is a good start, there won’t be much point if you don’t have an organized, appealing craft booth.  This week we will think ahead on how best to arrange, decorate and organize your booth for maximum appeal- as well as share some tips on giveaways & getting new clients. Continue reading


Halloween Memories

Halloween memoriesI grew up in a small town where Halloween night was the big event of the year.

All evening long you could follow the throngs of children up and down the 8 or so streets, some followed by parents on foot, others being driven around and let out every so often to hit up a few lighted houses.

We always started at my Grandma’s house at the top of the hill.  There, we would help her make popcorn balls.  Carefully balling up popcorn after she poured the hot caramel sauce over it.  Then wrapping them in cellophane and tying them with an orange ribbon.  She would later hand these out to her trick or treaters.

As darkness (and cold) fell, my brother and cousins and I would don our costumes (no doubt something involving a plastic mask) and we would head out into the night with plastic pumpkin buckets ready.  And when it was all over, we would return to Grandma’s, Continue reading

Tried and Tuesday: Strawberry Shortcake Halloween!

Strawberry ShortcakeSomething I have loved the most about being a mommy is getting to be involved in all of the Pickle’s holiday fun.  And while I’m not a fan of the ghosts and ghouls, I have discovered that Halloween is one of my favorite children’s holidays.

When else can I create a totally imperfect outfit and still get rave reviews, adoration by my Sweet P, and loads of candy in payment?

Halloween is a dream!  The past two years I have loved coming up with a costume that matches her personality.  Getting creative.  And seeing a final product come together.  And let’s face it, you could put a paper bag on a toddler and it would be adorable.

So here is our Halloween costume this year.  I call it, “Inspired by Strawberry Shortcake”.  Mostly because it’s not perfect.  It’s not like the store-bought ones.  I’ve never seen Strawberry wear chevrons.  But it was inexpensive.  It was a blast to create.  And it was, for the most part, pretty easy to make once I got going. Continue reading

Open your eyes, Mommy.

Open Your EyesBefore I had a child, I really “saw the world”.

I gazed at ocean horizons.  I drank in sunrises from airplane windows.  I stood on mountain peaks and gasped at the rippling tops of clouds.  The world was a grand, glorious adventure.

Then I had the Pickle.

I remember her first week of life being a blur.  The diapers, the visitors, the nursing, the long dark nights, the late mornings.  It wasn’t until almost a week after her birth that I suddenly really saw her… Continue reading


Argh!  It’s SO cluttered!!!!

I can NEVER find what I’m looking for.

I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start.

Every time I go in there I feel like I’m wading through muck, throwing things behind me like some sped up cartoon character.

Then when I find what I want, I immediately lose it again.

But do I clean?  No.

Do I organize?  Heck no.

Do I keep throwing more junk in there that I will never use (or never be able to find again?) Yes.

Drives me crazy.

I’ve GOT to clean out my Pinterest boards.


SickMy kiddo was sick last weekend.

I hate it when she’s sick, but I also kind of secretly love it because she’s all sweet and sleepy and cuddly.  As much as my heart aches for her little feverish head, I love it snuggled up against my chest for no other reason than because I comfort her.

Well… Mickey Mouse comforts her, too.  But I’m better.

The only time it really stinks when she is sick is when I don’t notice it.  And this weekend, this busy, one-event-after-another, fun, fun, fun weekend, I didn’t notice.

Epic mom fail. Continue reading