Go Gold: Why I Slept Beside My Child Last Night

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Two words that should never go together: “Childhood” and “Cancer”.  To honor all those who have fought or who are fighting this battle, I’m sharing a throwback from last October… when one little boy’s story changed my whole world.

Circa October 18th, 2013

Why I slept beside my child last nightLast night after brushing my little girl’s teeth, helping her put on her PJ’s, rocking with her in our chair and reading her a Bible story, I did something a little different.

I crawled in her little toddler bed with her, sang her songs, and lay beside her until she fell peacefully asleep.

If you know me, you know I don’t do this.

It’s a rare occasion when my kiddo gets to share a bed with me.  Let alone during such a critical, routine time such as bedtime.  It’s been this way since she was 5 weeks old and we moved her to her crib. (I confess… I let her sleep on my chest a lot when she was a newborn… C-sections are worth it, right?)

But last night was special. Continue reading