Our Story

Courting Taiwan-style

In 2004, an imperfect boy and an imperfect girl started on two seperate God-ordained journeys that took them from Kansas and Tennessee to Thailand where they met, fell in love, and were wed- all in 8 months.

This page is in progress because I’m just never sure how to tell our stories concisely.  If I tell one, I miss the other.  If I tell both, I miss important details.  If I don’t tell anyone, then no one knows just how faithful and committed God has been to us throughout our lives- no matter how far away from Him we have gotten.

So I’ve continued this throughout our blog.  You can start here if you’d like the rest of the story.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Long story short, after our wedding in Taiwan where I was living and doing missions work at the time, we went back to Thailand for a month- he had volunteered with a ministry there for a year.  That’s how we met.  That’s how we courted.  And that’s where we made our first mini-home/extended honeymoon before returning to the States and getting on with our new life.

We returned to the States to be with family, do some training, and raise support for our return trip to Thailand where we would be working with another ministry- this time, together.  Long-term intentions were to move to China.  However, God had other plans.

After 8 months in Thailand, we learned we were pregnant, so we had some big decisions to make.  Again, a VERY long story.  But in the end, we felt God calling us back to the US to start our family.  Thus our career as jungle-trekking missionaries was put on hold and here we are.

My husband is an accountant (or soon to be) and I am a mommy.  And loving it!

If I could share one snippet of wisdom from my life thus far I would say this:

I have been on the most beautiful journey.

I have lived every moment of my life (with a few exceptions) to the absolute fullest.  I have loved each season as it came, and as it went.  And through every up and down and turn and u-turn, God has been absolutely faithful to guide me, grow me and grant me more blessings than I could have ever imagined.

No, I did not plan on ever coming home.  No, I did not expect God to bring me a husband.  No, I did not know if we would ever have children.

But now that I’m here with him and now that she is in my life, there is no place in the world I’d rather be and no person in the world I would rather disciple.  I know this season will have its ups and downs as well and I know even within this season the scenery will change.  But oh, what joy to see this journey unfold.

Welcome to Our Story.  You just came in on the best part!


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