Back to School Bulletin Board Fun!

I’ve told you before just how much I love bulletin board day at the little MDO I work at. LOVE. IT! I grew up helping my mom get her school ready for the first day (she was an administrative assistant) and some teachers would PAY me to do their bulletin boards for them! So now I’m just living the dream…

As we geared up for the Fall semester we did our best Pinterest-ing, went crazy with the scissors, and got our hallways and doors ready for a bunch of classy kiddos. Enjoy and PLEASE share!

Our School Has Class Name Board - Back to school bulletin baords | Rediscovering Yesterday

This is our big bulletin board in the hallway. We write the name of EVERY student in our program on this board. The older ones LOVE finding their names (and it keeps them quiet while waiting for the bathroom)

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Time Isn’t Slowing Down

They Bought Two Chairs

This past June, I took my kiddos home for my dad’s 60th birthday. It was just me and the two littles- aged 5 and 1 1/2 at the time- and we had the absolute best trip ever. We’ve taken a lot of trips back to Kansas. For various reasons- funerals, holidays, to show off the new baby. I don’t know what it was about this trip, but it was by far the best yet. Everything was smooth and fun and wonderful. Continue reading

I Am A Runner.

I was probably ten. It was still dark. Long before the casino was built and long after the lights of the racetrack had been turned off, the dirt road to our house was crowned in a blanket of early morning stars. A few lights twinkled across the Kansas horizon… but not many. It was just me. My dad. And the cloudy puffs of hot breathe rhythmically making their way into the crisp morning air.

running shoes

I don’t remember much else about that morning except that I didn’t want to be there. Continue reading