When Faith Wears Thin

FaithThere was a time once when my faith was as deep as the ocean.

Calm and cool and secure beneath the ebb and flow of life.  Seldom shaken.  Never tossed about.  Never pulled out to see or drifted rapidly off course.

There was a time once when I breathed in the very breath of God and rested secure amidst the storm.

But recently… Continue reading


Kitchen Makeover: Preparation

I don’t know about you, but about 75% of my project planning happens in my head.

The other 25% is spent getting ideas or deciding on final touches… either at Lowe’s, on Pinterest, or who knows where.

So it makes sense that my husband (and others) might think I’m procrastinating… when in fact, I’ve been stewing over things in my head for days, or weeks, or even months.  Getting things placed just right.  Making decisions.  Eliminating options.

It’s true that most of my preparation for a project goes unseen.

Which I guess is why it’s SO exciting when the rubber hits the road and I get to start putting things down on paper, if you will. Continue reading

Kitchen Makeover: Inspiration

Change is inevitable.

Sometimes it comes in slow, gentle waves.  And other times it hits suddenly with the weight of a hurricane that blows through your life and leaves it forever transformed.

I’m not sure what I would call our move.  Unexpected.  Exciting.  Exhausting.  Expensive.

Whatever it was, I recall spending hours deep in thought.  Carefully mapping out my vision for our new home.  And yes… it was a home.  A four-bedroom, 1940’s-built house with one bathroom, no closets, and a kitchen that desperately needed some TLC if I was going to spend the next few years washing dishes in it…

By hand.

So, as with any renovation it began with a little inspiration.  Continue reading

I Love You, but…

I love you, but...Several weeks ago, the P and I tried out a free ballet and music class at a local studio.  I was excited.  I’d heard wonderful things about this place and was eager to test out the Pickle’s interests.  Her little cousin, HJ, is an avid dancer.  HJ’s older sister lives and breathes dance, so naturally, her two-year-old self can’t resist being just like her sissy.  P, on the other hand?  Sometimes she just wants to see how the CD player works.

But you never know until you try, right?

So we went.  She was excited!  She even woke up that morning talking about it.

When we got there, however, things did not go exactly as I had pictured. Continue reading