Time Isn’t Slowing Down

They Bought Two Chairs

This past June, I took my kiddos home for my dad’s 60th birthday. It was just me and the two littles- aged 5 and 1 1/2 at the time- and we had the absolute best trip ever. We’ve taken a lot of trips back to Kansas. For various reasons- funerals, holidays, to show off the new baby. I don’t know what it was about this trip, but it was by far the best yet. Everything was smooth and fun and wonderful. Continue reading


Freckles, swimming pools, and Spaghetti O’s.

Spaghetti O'sI curled up next to my little girl for her nap today.

She fought to keep her eyes open while I finished a story about baby brothers.  And finally, as I closed the last page she rolled to her side, wrapped her arm around my neck, and fell fast asleep.

I couldn’t help but lay there for a few minutes.  Her warm, soft arm draped heavily around my neck.  Just inches from the brand new freckles on her nose.  All of her smelling of outside, swimming pool, and Spaghetti-O’s.

And as an unusually cool summer breeze blew through the window, all the world was right.

And I had another moment.  A moment of peace.  And joy.  Unspeakable joy.

I wanted to bottle up that smell and hold it tight.  I wanted to memorize every freckle.  And count every breath.

Because these perfect moments of cuddling and reading and resting will give way soon to other moments.  Older moments.  More grown-up moments.

And I will cherish those, too.

But for now, I have these.  And I cling to these.  To get me through the threenage days.  To get me past the testing and the sassing.  To help me endure the exhaustion that motherhood can be sometimes.

Things will change tomorrow.

She’ll add a new word or a new expression.  Her legs will get even longer (if that’s possible) and her face will thin out even more.  Leaving behind every trace of the baby I once held on my forearm.

But today.  In that moment.  She wrapped me in her arm.  And I wrapped her in my heart.

Freckles.  Swimming pools.  And Spaghetti-O’s.



Diamonds in my Kitchen

Blog LoveIt’s funny, the things that we hold onto from yesterday.

For some, it is an antique wash basin or an old dining room table- maybe thrifted or bought at a collectibles store and worth a “fortune”.  For others it is old farm implements, propped up by the mailbox.  And then there are those items that, to the naked eye, might mean nothing… but to you they mean the world.

To you they embody a bygone day.  A childhood of memories.  A love that spans generations.

For me, it is an old flat carpenters pencil sitting on a shelf in my bedroom.  Because I don’t ever remember seeing my Grandpa without one behind his ear.

And for my guest blogger Debbie, it was a simple, 9×13 baking dish. Continue reading

The Good Ol’ Days – Share the {Blog} Love

Blog Love 2As our world is flocking to the cities and the suburbs, it’s no surprise that some of our fondest memories of yesterday were spent in wide open spaces.  (Well… as a Kansas girl that is ALL of my yesterday)  But today, my sweet friend, Lauren (http://adventuresofjackandme.com), is sharing some of her most beloved memories and lessons of a beautiful childhood on her Grandparents’ farm.

Continue reading

Beauty from Ashes

She Spoke LifeHave I ever told you that I’m a dumpster diver?  Yup.  Gross.  I know.  But considering the fact that my brother and his friends used to spend entire days at the dump digging through old electronics and discovering buried trash treasures, an occasional re-purposed item from our apartment dumpster shouldn’t surprise you.  Runs in the family, I guess.

Anyways… not long ago I was throwing my trash away on a rainy morning when I spotted Continue reading

My Favorite Sewing Projects

SewingAs many of you know, once the Pickle arrived on the scene I suddenly had a built-in reason for being crafty again.  When she was in my womb, I found myself sewing coordinating ribbon onto a mosquito net to hang over her crib.  I threaded old jewelry pieces and hung them from a bangle over her changing table.  And I even watched as my husband’s cousin sewed a custom crib skirt to match her curtains.

So it was no surprise that after she was here and I had lots of time on my hands (in between feedings, going to the park, napping, and keeping up with the house) I wandered back into sewing.  I had never really been into it, but had tried my hand at a few projects over the years.  That Christmas after the kiddo was born, my parents bought me my first sewing machine.  And I was hooked.

Since then I have learned a LOT.  Continue reading

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Some things never change.  Or at least I try hard not to let them.

When I was growing up, we had lots of Christmas traditions that we clung to.  We always picked out our own live Christmas tree.  We decorated the house to the tune of the Beach Boys, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, and the Carpenters.  I was the one who meticulously set out the big nativity.  On the last day of school before Christmas break my mom and I would make cinnamon rolls to take to our bus driver.  And every year we would make and decorate sugar cookies.

Now that we have a sweet Pickle and a flurry of traditions of our own, some of these have been lost.  The live tree, for example (it’s not allowed in our apartment).  I don’t have the Beach Boys Christmas Album (although you could purchase it for me here).  I probably won’t set out the big nativity until the kiddo is in high school because I’m pretty sure the first thing she’ll do is break it.

But sugar cookies?

That we can (and did) do. Continue reading