8 Christmas Bulletin Boards

A Gift

December will be here soon. With that comes winter and Christmas and all kinds of bright and cheery. As a preschool teacher, I love to create an environment where my kiddos can see and feel the excitement of the season! What better way to do that than creating colorful bulletin boards?!

Our team of teachers is amazing and one of our favorite days of the year is the day we put up Christmas bulletin boards (even though it’s a bit discouraging that they’re only up for about a month… but they are totally worth it). Most of our ideas come from Pinterest. But we tend to put our own spin on things. So here are our Christmas bulletin boards from this year and last! Enjoy!

A Gift | Rediscovering Yesterday

I saw these 3D packages used in some artwork on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect for a 3D board!

Merry & Bright | Rediscovering Yesterday

Scrap Paper Tree | Rediscovering Yesterday

This is a fun scrap paper tree… it makes a great kids craft, too!


Having a Ball | Rediscovering Yesterday

Sweet | Rediscovering Yesterday

Those are peppermints with all of our students’ names written on them. We’re hoping it will last us until at least Valentine’s Day!


Light up | | Rediscovering Yesterday

This is our donations board. We’ll write items on all the Christmas lights that parents can donate to our program.

Fireplace Scene | Rediscovering Yesterday

Love love LOVE this door! Most of the cutout felt/foam items were purchased at Target and Hobby Lobby. Buying Christmas clearance really pays off the next year! By the way… that Christmas print on the mantel can be downloaded for free right here!

Silent Night, Holy Night | Rediscovering Yesterday

My door this year came straight from Pinterest! It would be fun to have the kids make the houses, but I just didn’t have time. I do love how this door turned out!


Hope you liked our doors and boards! If you love these ideas, Pin them! You can follow along with more Ridgedale Mother’s Day Out fun by following them on Pinterest. And be sure to follow me here, on Pinterest, on Instagram, and on Facebook!



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