The Look on Her Face

Knoxville_Contributor_BTNI’m quiet. I know. I know.

I promise, the blogging will resume soon… my heart is BURSTING with things to write about!  But secretly, I’m enjoying taking some time off to enjoy Springtime with my kiddo and our new home.

“I call it ‘My Home’” she says, in her three-year-old wisdom. :)

But if you must, I’m still blogging occasionally at the Knoxville Mom’s Blog, and this experience with one of my little students still brings me to tears.

Enjoy it!  And go make someone’s day!

Penelope: What’s in a Name?

Whats in a NameBaby names are kind of a big deal.

Some parents know their children’s names from the time they are tweens, planning their weddings and families and personal fairy tales.  Some keep the baby name a secret until they are born.  Others pick a name for its meaning or the way it sounds or to match the first letter of every other person in the family.  People pray for months over their child’s name.  Others consult mediums and specialists who supernaturally help them decide on the right name.  And some people (I’ve known a few) don’t even name their children until after they are born.  They just don’t know who they are yet!

Choosing a baby name has been an important part of life since… well… probably since humans have started naming their children.  And there is (almost) always a good reason or story behind the big choosing of the name.

For us, the name was everything.  Continue reading

Penelope: How we knew it was time to have a child.

PenlopeWe had plans.

Oh boy, did we have plans!

When my husband and I got married, we spent the better part of a year planning our future.  We were gonna be missionaries.  We were gonna travel the world.  We were gonna go on grand adventures and might possibly never live in America ever, ever, ever again.  And kids?   Well, IF we ever had them (which we probably wouldn’t) they would grow up hiking the mountains of Mongolia in a basket strapped to a donkey… or something like that.  But that wasn’t really something we talked about much… because it wasn’t even in the plan until five years later.  If ever.  Probably not, though.  Not ever.


Looking back now, I have to laugh. Continue reading

The Treasure of the Village

Knoxville_Contributor_BTNMy child is almost three.  And there’s a lot going on in her little head.  She’s growing and changing every day.  She’s learning new vocabulary, experiencing her world every second, and somewhere just around the corner she will step onto a school bus.

I am 32. I am a mom.  And a wife.  And a teacher.  And a friend.  And a daughter.  I clean, I cook, I launder, I find things, I answer questions.  I give baths, read stories, change clothes, take trash, fill gas, buy groceries, plan meals, save money.  I sew, write, paint, read, and occasionally I sleep.

I confess, there are probably things that slip through the cracks of my life.  But I know without a doubt that every other second an opportunity to teach my child slips through as well.  She’s a little sponge right now, and if I wanted to (or had the time and energy to) I could sit with her all day long and never exhaust her capacity to take in information.

And that overwhelms me.

Because I can’t do it all.

I can’t teach her everything.

I’m going to miss opportunities all the time.

Which is why I am SO thankful that I’m not alone in this parenting thing.

At the Knoxville Mom’s Blog today I’m sharing the treasure that I find in the village around us- whether in our family, our community, our church, or our schools.  I absolutely cannot be ALL things to my child, but I am blessed to have other adults in her life who can help me pick up the pieces.

How have you (and your children) been blessed by your village?

Diamonds in my Kitchen

Blog LoveIt’s funny, the things that we hold onto from yesterday.

For some, it is an antique wash basin or an old dining room table- maybe thrifted or bought at a collectibles store and worth a “fortune”.  For others it is old farm implements, propped up by the mailbox.  And then there are those items that, to the naked eye, might mean nothing… but to you they mean the world.

To you they embody a bygone day.  A childhood of memories.  A love that spans generations.

For me, it is an old flat carpenters pencil sitting on a shelf in my bedroom.  Because I don’t ever remember seeing my Grandpa without one behind his ear.

And for my guest blogger Debbie, it was a simple, 9×13 baking dish. Continue reading

Sunday Dinner

Blog LoveNow that it’s the end of February, I thought I would finally get back to sharing the blog love… and I confess, this might run over into March.  I had big plans!  And then crazy life happened.  But alas, I am so excited to introduce my friend Laura to you!  She is a mom of two who blogs at “My Thoughts- Uninterrupted” about life, motherhood, family, and DIY.  Today as she shares about her own Yesterday, she reminds me of one of the most beautiful values that my own Grandparents shared: time with family.  So enjoy, remember your own Sunday Dinners growing up, and when you’re finished, head on over to “My Thoughts-Uninterrupted” to Share the Love! Continue reading