The “O” Ring

ChallengerIf you were alive in 1986, you know what that title is in reference to.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Challenger explosion.

I was in Kindergarten. And by this time the very next year, I wanted to be an astronaut more than anything in the world. Apparently I didn’t understand what all of the media hype was all about. All I saw was a woman in a space suit and that’s all it took.

But the pictures of the woman in the space suit, at the time, were not all over the place for little girls to be inspired. They were all over the place because something went dreadfully, dreadfully wrong and the world was anxiously waiting for answers.

I just don’t think anyone was ready for the truth. Still today, I don’t think anyone likes to hear the truth. No one wants to believe in the aftermath of one of the greatest tragedies of our generation…

That this could have been prevented. Continue reading


Grow in Grace… and how God always has to trick me into growing.

Spinning.It’s been a year. Not a good year. Not a bad year. Not a big year or a little year. Just a year.

As I get older, I am learning that this is a blessing.

God shows his strength and his provision and his unfailing love in the years where we are shaken and sifted. Where we transition and change. Where big choices are made and the roller coaster dips.

But God shows his faithfulness. His steadiness. His “be still and know” in the years where not much changes at all.

Ask me nine months ago if I felt steady or faithful or still and I probably would have laughed at you. But looking back, taking all the little moments and wrapping them with a neat bow and calling them a year…

It’s been steady. And faithful. And in all the little things, it’s been big. Continue reading

Merry Christmas 

Emmanuel. God with us. 

  In the middle of our traditions. Under our trees. Behind our smiles and within our reach. Giving good gifts. The best gifts. The “from above” gifts that aren’t bought in stores. 

God with us.
  Unwrapping His great heart and giving us gifts of family and beauty and people who love us even in our imperfection.  

  When the tree is crooked and the flour is in our hair and the paper bits leave a trail through the house. 

God with us.   Loving us even when we’re distracted with christmas.      

    Christ in the midst of our mess and making it the most wonderful.

 Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors

Avie Lee PartonHave I ever told you that movies speak to me?

There’s just something about stories that grab my attention, and more times than I can count, God has used, of all things, movies to speak to me. To give me revelation. To confirm a calling. To open my eyes.

It’s a strange thing to be sitting in a theater bawling because God used a particular story to change my entire world. But that’s what he does.

Knoxville_Contributor_BTNA movie set me free. A movie told us to have a baby. And recently, a movie made me a better mom.

Wanna know how? You can check out my nostalgic review at the Knoxville Mom’s Blog and then you can watch Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, which will re-air on Christmas night at 9pm Eastern time.


A Blessed Calling

“But there was something about the mother in that movie, in that little house in the mountains with all those kids and nothing but love, that my heart yearned for.”

If You Love Her, Let Her Go

Peppy's Adventure | Rediscovering Yesterday

It was casual.

She sat on the couch for an hour watching Aladdin and when we told her it was time to get ready she decided she wanted to play upstairs instead.

I thought she was wavering.

But she wasn’t.

She came down ten minutes later with her blanket and a tea set. Walked up to me. Smiled. Gave me a hug. And said, “Bye Mommy.” As if that was all that was necessary. She had made up her mind. She was resolute. And she was ready to go.

Not ready to go to Grandmommy’s for a night or to spend the day with her cousin or to go downstairs to her class for five hours.

She was ready to go outside. Get in my parents’ car. And drive twelve hours to my brother’s house in Texas.

Without me. Continue reading