Tried and Tuesday: Strawberry Shortcake Halloween!

Strawberry ShortcakeSomething I have loved the most about being a mommy is getting to be involved in all of the Pickle’s holiday fun.  And while I’m not a fan of the ghosts and ghouls, I have discovered that Halloween is one of my favorite children’s holidays.

When else can I create a totally imperfect outfit and still get rave reviews, adoration by my Sweet P, and loads of candy in payment?

Halloween is a dream!  The past two years I have loved coming up with a costume that matches her personality.  Getting creative.  And seeing a final product come together.  And let’s face it, you could put a paper bag on a toddler and it would be adorable.

So here is our Halloween costume this year.  I call it, “Inspired by Strawberry Shortcake”.  Mostly because it’s not perfect.  It’s not like the store-bought ones.  I’ve never seen Strawberry wear chevrons.  But it was inexpensive.  It was a blast to create.  And it was, for the most part, pretty easy to make once I got going.

I apologize there is not a proper tutorial, but again… this is an inspiration piece.  Take it.  Pin it.  And make it your own! (and for those of you wondering when in the world I had time to make this, I started a month ago… back when she still liked Strawberry Shortcake)

Strawberry Shortcake SkirtTHE SKIRT:

My vision was a big fluffy pink skirt with a green tutu underneath.  However, in order to get a big round skirt, I had to do a little manipulating of the chevrons.  I hadn’t actually bought enough material to cut out one big circle, but I could cut out alternating triangles and piece them together.  It wasn’t quite what I had pictured, but it worked!  With the simple tutu underneath, it almost looks like a poodle skirt.  But I found that if I took the tutu out, I liked the skirt by itself even better!  You try it and see what you like.

THE TIGHTS:Strawberry Shortcake Tights

The tights are really what makes the whole outfit.  Everyone recognizes those wide green and white stripes.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pair of tights or socks anywhere, so I made them myself.  The white baby legs were on sale at Hobby Lobby.  And with some masking tape and green acrylic paint, boom!  I had perfect Strawberry Shortcake tights that doubled as legwarmers on these chilly October days.

Strawberry Shortcake ShirtTHE SHIRT:

Nevermind that I didn’t bother to go out and buy a white shirt… I actually MADE the white shirt from one of my old ones.  But you clearly don’t have to do that.  Any white shirt will do.  Or a onesie is even better because it stays tucked into the skirt!  The strawberry and diamonds are simple applique made from material I had sitting around.  The green gingham was leftover in my Grandma’s stash of fabric that she had made blankets with for my brother and I!  So it adds a bit of nostalgia to the outfit, which is super fitting since Strawberry Shortcake was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE as a little girl!  I also added the chevron elbow patches just for a little touch of whimsy.  The Pickle loves it!

Strawberry Shortcake BathtimeTHE HAIR:

Let’s face it.  I tried to make a hat and simply could NOT get it the way I wanted it.  Plus, getting my toddler to wear a hat (even if she IS Strawberry Shortcake) is virtually impossible.  So what’s the next best thing?  Pink Halloween hairpray.  $2 at Target.  My little Chica has white-blond hair, so the pink really pops!  In fact, I think I almost like her better with pink hair and might consider dying it…

The only problem was the act of spraying.  It just doesn’t spray evenly and leaves big round blotches, so I had to spray a lot.  That, and it was hard to do with her screaming and crying the whole time, “Mommy, it hurts me!”  In the end, she loved it, though.  But there is no guarantee that she will let me do it again for Halloween.  Regardless, it was worth it for her school Halloween party…

and it was even more fun to wash off later that night!

Strawberry Shortcake BagTHE BAG:

Before our first event, I realized that I didn’t have a matching bag for the Pickle to collect all of her loot in.  So while she watched Mickey Mouse, I hurried upstairs to throw together a Strawberry bag from red fleece, green chevron fabric I had lying around, and some classic Strawberry Shortcake material that a friend had given to me.  It’s not perfect, but I love how the green stripes match her skirt.  The fleece is just round enough to look like a Strawberry.  And I love the nostalgic print peeking out from the lining.  I didn’t bother to paint or sew “seeds” on the outside, but don’t put it past me to do something crazy ten minutes before we head out the door on Halloween!

So there you have it!  I hope that was inspiring for your next Strawberry Shortcake outfit!


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