A Match Made in Thailand: Ignorance is Bliss

Visit to TaiwanI started this story with how I literally “RAN” up to my future husband at a coffee cart in Thailand.  Of course, we didn’t know it at the time.  Nor did we know it later that morning when I led worship for the teams that had gathered and my future husband walked up and introduced himself to me.

But as we spent evenings handing out Bibles to Chinese tourists and gathering for team meetings to sip Thai iced teas, we started talking.  And somewhere along the way, he got the idea in his head that he could marry this tiny, lively Kansas girl who found her way to Thailand and into his heart.

I, on the other hand, was completely oblivious.

Even when I longed to see him every day.  Even when we hopped in a truck and hurried to Baskin Robbins to eat Love Potion #31 without telling anyone.  Even the next week when I missed a flight home and every fiber of my being wanted to return to his city to see him one more time.  I never really GOT IT.

EmailsWhen I returned to Taiwan I found myself emailing him.

Every day.

It started off innocent.  Bantering back and forth.  Sharing life.  Asking questions about missions and music.  We never Skyped or chatted.  Just sent emails.  Like old time letters between friends.

He even decided to come on a visa run to Taiwan and hang out with me for a couple days!

It was fun.  We were friends.  I didn’t really think he was my “type.”  And he left on a bullet train without fanfare.

But a few weeks later, things changed.

The boy started prying into my past and my personal life.

And when I asked why he wanted to know so bad, he simply and boldly replied:

“Isn’t it obvious… God could be up to something special, and I want to know about you.  About all of you.”

It was only then that I “GOT IT”.

And I buried my face in a pillow and squealed with glee.

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